TimeCube is my safe space for crazy ideas. As I dig deeper on subjects like complexity, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, I am starting to ask myself big questions that I don’t have the authority to answer. The results are far-out unsourced answers that don’t respect proper scientific inquery. Yet I feel I need to get these off my chest, before I can return to more sane subjects. Writing down these chaotic ideas helps me crystalize more formal and rigorous research directions. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt, apply your own judgment, be inspired, entertained, or safely ignore. Please don’t reflect poorly on anything I write or cite here.

– What is intelligent communication?

– How to formalize art?

– How to win memetic warfare?

– Can we use game theory to improve discourse on social media platforms?

– A liquid brain model of choice for organized anarchies.

– Can the thermodynamic cost of visual scene be calculated?